Identity AEC.

Dr. Rob Smith was awarded the Gatsby Fund Grant to scale his environmental consultancy and in doing so, widen the impact he could have beyond the North West. Rob contracted us to build him a website. Before could start the business name needed abbreviating for a clear message and logo.

We recommended the shortening of the name to create a more memorable, maybe even SEO friendly logo. Clients really liked the word Archaeo. Environmental Consulting turned out to be the key revenue generator and umbrella under which Research Services were implied, so the words research & services didn't need to be mentioned explicitly and were dropped.

ARC - Archaeo Environmental Research and Consultancy Services Limited.


AEC - Archaeo Environmental Consulting.

Clear briefing enabled us to quickly move from name alternatives to the choice of logo concepts, styles, domain names, typeface, colour palette and a 3 word tag line which said what Rob did on the tin. This final style shows that the a, the e and the c are inseparable. You may also notice a similarity with the new ITV logo. We were proud to have done this a few years before (2007).

Want to see the logo evolve? This slide rocket presentation shows all the original sketches.

  • Designer: Brendan.
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