Identity Phase 1.

Tagline: Treat & Prevent Gum Disease.

This brand messaging was focussed on the dentists and pharmacists who would be reselling Gumsaver to accelerate their patients' healing times. We worked towards this tagline following briefing from the product inventor and through asking the target market their thoughts, or observing their reactions. Initially 'Self Treat & Prevent' moved towards Treat & Prevent Gum Disease so as not to exclude the resellers on whom Gumsaver's growth depended and to include the keywords Gum Disease.

Ribbons: Tying the message together.

This new tagline represented an effort to tie all the key messages together. I created these ribbons as a new addition to the brand to extend this theme literally throughout the brand. A lot needed to be communicated so that all the target markets could understand how and why this brush was so effective, and so easy to use. This theme was then used in all the company literature, adverts, conferences and digital marketing efforts.

  • Designer: Pav.
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