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Cross Device Design Hybrid.

This site was built as responsive design was emerging. We did not want the site to look like a generic template. It had to be built around the key messages that needed communicating and those messages needed bringing to the forefront with consideration of tablets and mobile phones. The approach we took, and still take today, ensured the site looked and functioned perfectly across devices. Following some serious testing and debugging of course.

Using the ribbon theme with sleek clickable interactions to simplify message delivery.

As usual we ensured the entire site structure was based around prior research. We used these ribbons again but not for the sake of reuse. Throughout the website, clicking these ribbons would reveal more detailed information about specific ailments or product features. This way we had a very unique, simple and striking website which was suitable for dentists or their patients and delivered information in bite size chunks.

  • Designer: Pav.
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