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Conversion Rate Optimisation - Engaging and informing to facilitate effective selling

It took some discussions (along with data from both Crazy Egg and KISSMetrics) to prove to the client that the Buy Now button needed to be less prominent to get more clicks. To repeat that - we needed to move the Buy Now button out of the forefront to increase clicks. Why?

Analytics & A/B Testing

Many A/B tests prove that is once the user has the information they require that they are motivated to click buy now. So instead of having a big round Buy Now Button - we may have a Proof Button or a video. Within seconds the user saw proof in the form of data or a testimonial and knew the product works.

The speed or behaviour with which a user becomes a customer and clicks buy now, with or without a change can be measured with simple A/B Testing. This validates assumptions and pushes endless speculating aside, allowing data to drive the design.

  • Designer: Pav.
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