harmoni5e identity - logo design

Identity Harmoni5e.

Name, Logo, Strapline.

Another startup project, the client had the name Harmonise in mind. We went through a process of discovering different logo options, to work to the core message. We built up ideas then extracted everything down the core 5 element system, and the word healing. Bren replaced the S in Harmonise to make Harmoni5e.

To Googlewhack or not to googlewhack.

When searching Harmonise on Google there were millions of results to compete with. However with Bren's version, when searching Harmoni5e (with a 5) on google - there was only one page & one result. We thought we had a googlewhack. A what? It's when there is only one single result on google.

Google Jabberwhacky.

Well to be technical about this - according to Wikipiedia and Dave Gorman's Googlewhack adventures, you have to combine two words from the dictionary, not create a new word like we did here. Oh well. Pretty far out from the rules but we got one result on google, when searching this name. Maybe this should be called a GoogleJabberWhacky.

We completed the colours and 3 word strapline - 5 Element Healing before moving onto print design work.

  • Designer: Brendan.
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