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Name & Logo Design.

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Sorry can you hear Michael Jackson in your head now? That's a good thing. We wanted this brand to be as epic as Mike. So here it is. The logo as of December 2013. PreVU is Pav's idea and an offshoot of his dissertation. The logo is primarily thanks to Senior Designer Brendan.

The name was a series of accidents and a final comment from a good friend...

We were going to call this MiVU. A name which we won't even explain, yet. A good friend and colleague Reena made a joke saying if we didn't hurry up and build MiVU she would call it PreVU and launch it herself. The name stuck. So did Reena. She helped us get an offer of investment as well as move project plans forward with her SCRUM Master skills. Thanks Reena. You rock.

In fact Agency VUi was born from this. Pav's primary focus is to round off his skills between visuals (design), users (user experience) and interfaces (development). VUi therefore represents what we do and represents Pav's immersion in the web and tech. Watch this space...

  • Designer: Pav.
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