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Engaging Design.

Make change fun, baby.

Our primary brief was to turn big changes into an engaging, exciting internal campaign. v3 represented a big refocus in digital strategies into an iconic, fun, unified move across the yell group's IT services. Changes that were happening were enabled by the new CTO and his team embedding a new ethos for sustainability, culture, strategy and growth.

Those changes included strategic partnerships, adoption of new technologies and social media from i-pads for sales guys to yammer for everyone. Yell were early adopters to a brilliant enterprise product. Adoption from large companies like yell drove yammer towards it's Mid 2012 sale to Microsoft for $1.2bn These really were exciting times.

Conceptual Design & Logo.

The logo needed to represent change being across the board from operations to strategy. This was visually achieved by splitting up the organisational pyramid with the chain which represented the 3 and positioned within the structure 1 degree out, and so - a loosely coupled architecture or connectivity in adult relationships.

We worked within guidelines including agreement to remain familiar to the yell brand. This was used across all types of stationary and a v3 video was even produced and presented to everyone at VUE Cinema in Reading.

  • Designer: Pav.
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